Introducing Discount Depot, the ultimate Shopify App for businesses seeking to offer enticing discounts on their products and shipping services for both B2B and B2C customers.

BOGO + Free Gifts.

Product Discounts.

Cart Goal Discounts.

Product Volume Discounts.

Multi-Currency Compatible.

App Blocks Ready.

Discount Labels for Products & Collections.

No Coding Installation.

Product Discounts, BOGO, Free Gifts, Volume Deals & Cart Goals, All-in-One!

Unleash a world of exclusive product discounts, volume deals, and tailored cart goals, all seamlessly consolidated into a single & efficient Shopify App.

Elevate your sales strategy and effortlessly achieve your objectives with Discount Depot’s user-friendly interface. Embrace the convenience of an All-in-One approach and revolutionize your online retail experience now!

App Blocks

Seamlessly integrate our customizable App Blocks into your theme using the theme editor, granting you the freedom to effortlessly add, remove, and personalize elements.

App Blocks Support for Discount Depot App
Custom Discount Labels by Discount Depot

Show Discounts with Custom Labels on Products & Collections Page

Seamlessly display enticing discounts using custom labels on your products and collections pages, attracting savvy shoppers and boosting your sales.

Our user-friendly interface empowers you to effortlessly showcase your offers, enhancing customer engagement and driving conversions. Discover the potential of Discount Depot today to revolutionize your e-commerce success.

Multi-Currency Checkouts

With Shopify’s multi-currency checkout, our App dynamically converts discounts to your customers’ selected currency, ensuring a hassle-free ordering process in their preferred money.

Say goodbye to currency conversion complexities and capture international markets effortlessly. Explore the power of easy, localized transactions with our App today!

Multi-Currency Compatible Discounts by Discount Depot
Prevent Double Discounts with Discount Depot

Exclude Discounted Products

Customize your discount rules effortlessly, including the ability to exclude products with Compare-at prices. Prevent double discounts and ensure transparent, effective deals for your customers.

Seamlessly refine your pricing strategy and enhance your online shopping experience with the power of Discount Depot. Explore smarter discounts today!

Native Shopify API + Storefront API

Experience the benefits of our Native API integration, offering unparalleled advantages for your e-commerce journey.

Need more than 5 discount rules? No problem. Seamlessly transition to the Storefront API and overcome automatic discount limitations.

Elevate your sales strategy with ease and embrace the power of tailored promotions. Elevate your e-commerce game today with Discount Depot!

Native Shopify API + Storefront API by Discount Depot





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  • Pricing for the app corresponds with your selected Shopify plan.



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  • Pricing for the app corresponds with your selected Shopify plan.

All charges are billed in USD. Recurring and usage-based charges are billed every 30 days.